Results are guaranteed on the “Thinking About It Diet”

If you do nothing, I can guarantee your results…

Today’s little truth-bomb is that beginning October 1st, most Americans begin a STEADY WEIGHT GAIN till January 1st.
The problem (according to studies) is that it takes another 5 months to get rid of that weight you just put on. If EVER!


It’s easy to hit a common “hibernation” stage in our health & start gaining weight, largely due to the scattering of holidays through this upcoming season. Most of us feel like we don’t want to miss out on an event, or start a healthy diet knowing the festivities are coming. It’s a trap, honestly.
But what if you decided this was NOT going to happen to you? Because… you CAN decide that.

What if by January 1st YOU:
💪were healthier?
⚖️weighed less?
🗓️didn’t have to put “lose weight” as your New Year’s Resolution?
😊were happier because you decided to CONTEND for your health instead of just going with the flow? 🤜💥🤛

This WILL be my story! I’m wearing the same size pants I was wearing in 1990 when I graduated from high school and I am working on leveling up my health by January 1st!

I am working on these goals… my clients are too… and we always have room for more. 💪💪 💪

Message me to schedule a health assessment. Let’s see what we can tweak in your habits and set some GOALS together.
It’s time!!!! 👊💥

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