The hardest work is working on yourself. 🫵🏻

Most of my clients are folks that lost themselves as they poured into others… ministers, single moms, overworked dads, nurses, teachers. People who kept putting themselves and their health lower and lower on the priority list until one day they realized they no longer had the health or energy to continue giving.

That was ME! I was exhausted, stressed, and grumpy all the time. I was uncomfortable in my own skin (and in my clothes) and what used to be loving service became dreaded chores. It was at that point almost two years ago that I said “enough is enough”.

I took a good hard look at myself in the mirror and evaluate where I was physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. This was incredibly difficult for me because it forced me to accept that I was failing (something that can be devastating to an enneagram 3 like me).

I was failing to live up to my potential and would often opt for watching from the sidelines when I really wanted to be in the action. I was failing to show up well for my family and friends, I was regularly failing to get things done or to meet deadlines because I was just too tired. But, more than anything else I was failing God who had called me to steward the body and tools that he had given me.

In January of 2021 I started a journey of self discovery and reinvention. I signed up for a health program with some friends from our weekly Bible study in the hope of dropping the “COVID twenty”. Over the next six months I lost 65 pounds, made social events about people instead of food, and reintroduced physical activity into my routine.

I learned about my food addictions and that sugar is five times more addicting than cocaine. I also learned that, for me, self control starts at the grocery store (If sweets make it into the pantry, sooner or later… I WILL GIVE IN TO TEMPTATION).

Since losing the weight I have been able to serve as a guide and coach to almost 100 of my friends and family, some with major health issues and lots of weight to lose, some only hoping to shed a few pounds in order to feel like themselves again.

Coaching has been as transformative as the program was initially for me. Helping others to contend with their health has helped me to continue to push myself to make healthier choices. For most of my life I was passive in regards to my health, allowing cravings and circumstances to dictate my choices. I love learning and teaching others have to proactively plan for health, especially though the challenges of social events and holidays.

I am grateful that approaching 51st birthday, I am healthier than at any point since my 20’s. I still get tired, but it is because I now push myself and not because I have to go downstairs.

Over the past couple of years I have learned that we all struggle with doubt and insecurities and even they guy that seemed healthy to me wants to do better. I share this to let you know that there is hope. If my story resonates with you, I’d love to chat. Our program, or even coaching could be as transformative to you as it has been to me.

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