Emotional Eating

The yo-yo cycle of gaining and losing.

It’s exhausting. Frustrating. Embarrassing.

Celebrating Shandi who is down 63 lbs and MOST happy about what she’s learning and the tools provided with our program to help her MIND. She’s breaking the patterns and chains and creating new responses.

Here is her story as she shares it:

“At my heaviest, I weighed 211 lbs. I tried everything from counting points to intermittent fasting and every fad diet in between. I’d lose some weight, go off plan, gain it back plus some. Classic yo-yo dieter. 🙄

I am so glad I said YES to 1 more plan. It changed my life! Not everyday has been perfect, but I stayed focused and I reached my goal of 148 lbs. My BP & A1c improved. I started sleeping through the night and waking up rested and ready to go without pain! My energy level is through the roof. This time, I’m confident I will be successful in maintaining my weight. The difference is a new healthy mindset and an amazing support system.

I’m setting new goals now and enjoying my healthy lifestyle! I’m looking forward to all the amazing opportunities that are going to happen for myself and my family all because I said YES to this program!”

This is why I love sharing this gift!!!

I have a savings of almost $300 available through the end of the month if you are thinking this might be your time.

Virtual Coaching, Behavioral & Lifestyle Education, Community, Nutrition Plan.

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