Plan a Healthy Summer for the Kids

Now that school is out for the summer, kids have more free time and parents sometimes hear the dreaded words “I’m bored”. It’s important for kids to stay active and make the most of the summer months before heading back to school. After all, the best way for kids to learn healthy habits is by watching their parents as role models. Here are some healthy activities to keep your children or grandchildren active throughout the summer:

  • Visit a farmer’s market. Take a trip to the farmer’s market and stock up on fresh produce. When you get home, do a cooking demo and have your kids help prepare healthy snacks or your Lean & Green Meal with the items you purchased.
  • Plant a garden. Create a designated space to start a flower, herb, or vegetable garden. Aside from having fun, your kids can even develop self-confidence, a sense of responsibility, and a love for nature.
  • Summer journal. Bring out the inner artist or writer in your kids and encourage them to write or draw about their summer activities. Not only will this help keep their minds active throughout the summer, but they’ll also be creating memories that they can revisit in future years.
  • Go to the playground. Swings, see-saws, and slides are a great way for your kids to play while burning some calories. Use your walk to the playground, and simply keeping up with them while they play, as an opportunity to maximize NEAT, or Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis.
  • Outdoor activities. Plan a day for a family bike ride, hike, picnic, or combination of these! This is a great way to explore nature and your surroundings while getting in some quality time.
  • Play ball. Have your kids invite their friends over and organize teams for a friendly game of basketball, kickball, or soccer. Not only will they get their exercise in, but they’ll also maintain their social connections throughout the summer.
  • Book Club. Reduce screen time by making reading a daily habit. Ask their teacher for a suggested summer reading list, visit your local library, or come up with your own to keep your kids’ brains active while school is out.

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