About Me

I had been gaining weight for decades, a couple of pounds a year. Each year I would recommit to my health only to end the year worse off than I had started. January 2021, I weighed in at 260 pounds, the heaviest I had ever been, and finally turned myself in and truly committed to my health. I finally found a health program that helped me lose 65lbs in 7 months, and reclaim an active lifestyle. I have now been able to keep the weight off for over a year as I continue to strive for optimal health.

I now understand the healthy habits that I need to follow to help me tackle life’s challenges and not let food be the driving force. By paying it forward and helping others, not only do I get to see others be successful, but it helps me stay true to why I got healthy in the first place! If you are ready to start your own journey to optimal health, it would be my honor to partner with you.

Lifelong Transformation Starts Here

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