Creating an Environment for Sleep

How would you characterize your bedroom? Is it comfy and cozy, relaxing, soothing and inviting? Is it a warm cocoon, a haven of rest, a sanctuary, a place where you look forward to entering after a long day? Or is it a glorified storage closet with a bed. Is it so chaotic that you keepContinue reading “Creating an Environment for Sleep”

You Won’t Change Until You Turn Yourself In!

No one changes unless they want to.  Not if you beg them. Not if you shame them. Not if you use reason, emotion, or tough love.  There’s only one thing that makes someone change: Their own realization that they need to do it. -Lori Deschene This quote speaks volumes to me. For most of myContinue reading “You Won’t Change Until You Turn Yourself In!”

The Importance of Hydration for Weight Loss

Most of us are dehydrated. We know we should drink enough water, but the majority of us still don’t. A report from a CBS News outlet a few years ago noted this: Most people know that they are supposed to drink water, but up to 75 percent of Americans may be functioning in a chronicContinue reading “The Importance of Hydration for Weight Loss”

Why We Eat Six Small Meals a Day

Do you know what glycemic index is? Why does that even matter?! How can we utilize this knowledge to help us lose/maintain weight. Check out what the founder of my program, Dr. Wayne Andersen, says: “The typical Western diet of highly processed, high-glycemic foods causes blood sugar to rise dramatically, increasing insulin levels. This elevatedContinue reading “Why We Eat Six Small Meals a Day”

You Can’t Outrun Your Fork!

A few years ago, a group of researchers published a wonderful editorial piece in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. Titled It is time to bust the myth of physical inactivity and obesity: you cannot outrun a bad diet, the article stirred the pot and highlighted important data on weight loss. The literature highlighted how many sportsContinue reading “You Can’t Outrun Your Fork!”

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