Rose Contreras

Feeling grateful for my health. Honestly I have never felt comfortable in a swimsuit or even taking pictures in one! But today I’m happy to share my victories with weight loss. The photo on the left was taken when I was 51yrs old, 10yrs later I look and Feel much younger!

Robert & Carmen Morales

On January 24,2022 we started this Amazing health journey. It has been an amazing journey for my wife and I. She is down 18 pounds, feeling amazing and clothes just slipping away and I am down 35 pounds. Being a diabetic myself for 20-plus years on 3 insulins and 2 pills. Today I had my Endocrinologist appointment and my A1C is down from 8.5 to 6.6. The most amazing news received was that I no longer have to depend on insulins. She just left me on the pills. My labs don’t lie. Want to thank my Coach Bill Ellis for the support and being persistent with me. So, today I say I no longer need insulin.

Still work on progress, but definitely BETTER than before. Looking forward to pay it forward helping others on this amazing journey!!!

Matt Newburg

Okay… my journey began in early May at 190 lbs w/ a 36-38 inch waist!! I had a hard time even hiding behind an oversized vest…ugh! I received this pic of myself from a week ago… wow! I cannot believe I’m actually down to 144 lbs w/ a 28-30 inch waist just 3 months later in mid-August! Optavia works… it still takes dedication and discipline, but plain and simple… it works. Thanks Bill Ellis for speaking up and challenging me…changed my life. 👍💪👆

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